Gluing Machinery




Max Stroke: 300-500mm or as requirements
Program Matically: Imort teaching programming or graphics
motion track: Point, Lineare, Circle, Curve, Multipleline, Spiral, Ellipse
Dispensing Head: 30ml needle holder
Glue barrel: max 20L

No. of glue barrel: as requirements
Min discharge: 0.01ml/s
Gluing frequency: min 5 times/s
Moving speed/XYZ: 0-600mm/s
Repeatability Position Accuracy:
Screw drive:0.01-0.02mm
Synchronous/belt drive:0.02-0.04mm


  • Better ventilation and water permeable

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • UV protection

  • Chemical resistant

  • Less evaporation

  • Strength construction

  • Cost effective

  • Various possible colors


The glue machinery is used to gluing in Electronical, Semiconductor, Automotive, Mobile industry. 

It can be designed as your requirements