Warp Knitting Machine




Working width: 3300 mm
Yarn let-off device: 5 electronically controlled yarn let-off gears for jacquard bars and ground guide bars
Pattern drive EL: Electronic guide bar control on jacquard bars and ground guide bars
Control SYSTEM: Operator interface to configure, control and adjust the electronic functionality of the machine

Fabric take-up: Electronically regulated fabric take-up, driven by geared motor, consisting of four rollers
Batching device: Batching device No. 34 F, standing separately, with friction drive, max.
Electrical equipment: Speed-regulated drive,
Total connected load of the machine: 20 kva


  • Better ventilation and water permeable

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • UV protection

  • Chemical resistant

  • Less evaporation

  • Strength construction

  • Cost effective

  • Various possible colors


shade net, knotless fishing nets, purse nets, safety nets,

chemical fiber mesh fabric and knitting cloth